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Top Construction Equipment Rental Companies in India

  • 2022/07/05 11:25:10

Everyone from the heavy construction equipment industry curious to know about the leading construction equipment rental companies in India. we are here to brief you about the top company as well as about them. How they are doing right Read more...

Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer in India

  • 2020/04/22 17:29:26

Self Loading Concrete Mixer (SLM) are the unique machine designed to batch, Mix and transport concrete. By name itself clearly says that the self loading concrete mixer means mixer which its own mix the concrete. This concrete equipment is recently get develope i Read more...

CAT 432B2 Vs JCB 3DX Backhoe loader

  • 2022/07/16 11:57:54

Many of you looking to buy the CAT backhoe loader but little bit confuse about the review. What would be the costing, what are the brands accessories they have used in the machine? Even material details will be given by the CAT & JCB sales person what about the review If you colleague or friends don’t have the CAT machine then it’s difficult to get without bias review. So we will give you the comparison between Read more...

List of Road Construction Companies in India

  • 2020/04/20 10:05:29

IRB Infrastructure Developers ltd.

IRB Infrastructure incorporated in 1998 has become India’s leading and one of the largest companies in India. Company core strength is ability to execute Build Operate Transfer (BOT) road and highways projects, including sections Read more...

Sardar Sarovar Dam

  • 2020/04/15 17:33:13

Sardar Sarovar dam one the 2 biggest dam in India. The foundation dam was laid down by the late Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961 but the dam construction started in 1987. This dam covers the three state territories Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Sardar Sarovar dam provides the electricity and water to four state Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In 1979 Read more...

Owning & operating cost of Construction Equipment

  • 2020/04/12 18:04:55

Construction equipment owning & operating cost always needs to check before purchase it. Construction Equipment running  & maintenance cost needs to be consider just to have the good decision making that does create problem in future to you or your organisation.

Many of the factors are affecting the operating & owning cost. You need to take this with example whatever kind of equipment is taking. Owning Cost & operating cost Read more...

Top World Biggest Mining Dump Truck in 2020

  • 2020/04/10 12:28:27

The Mining Dump trucks keep on mind getting bigger and bigger machine, as per the mine increasingly with huge capacity of trucks with greater operational efficiency. Recently introduced, the world’s biggest have dump truck with the high capacity. The biggest mining dump trucks are based on their payload Read more...

Construction equipment safety with Hand and Power Tool

  • 2020/03/21 12:29:46

Tools are especially significant in construction work. Tools are frequently classified hand tool and power tool. Hand tools are incorporating all non-powered devices, for example, hammer and pliers. Power tools are decided into some of classes; depend upon the power source, electrical tools, liquid fuel devices, powder-impelled devices and hydraulic tools.

Investigate tool:

Advantages and disadvantages of Buying and Renting Construction Equipment

  • 2020/04/25 10:51:31

Managing a construction site or maintaining a business, having the correct heavy equipment is required. In any case, there are two manners by which you can get your hand on great equipment: buying, Leasing and renting it. While them two have their own favorable advantages and disadvantages.


Upcoming infrastructure projects in India

  • 2020/05/06 12:05:22

Infrastructure and construction activity gives direct or indirect work to in excess of 30 million individuals in our nation. The Planning Commission of India submitted a venture of around $1 trillion for the five-year plan. The Indian Read more...

Top 5 Maintenance Tips to Extend Equipment Life and ROI

  • 2020/05/06 11:52:18

Heavy Machinery requires consistent upkeep to keep it in great working request, particularly mining, modern, and farming equipment. Poorly maintained machines run all around inefficiently.


Construction Equipment Rental Market in India

  • 2020/05/06 11:12:27

Construction equipment has a rental market that offers subjective data about prevailing trends and an itemized examination of the development direction of this industry. It additionally incorporates an investigation of the recorded in Read more...

Global in Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps Market trends in 2019-2025

  • 2019/05/08 17:23:13

Worldwide Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps Market reports give inside and out investigation of Top Players, Geography, End users, Applications, Competitor examination, Revenue, Price, Gross Margin, Market Share, Import-Export information, Trends and Forecast.


Overall Comprehensive Reviews about Soil compactor Market and its Development

  • 2019/05/06 17:21:24

Normally globally soil compactor is analysis Forecast & outlook at more research and details about the market analysis of the present market with the future look Read more...

Hitachi unveils its third smallest EX 7 series mining excavator

  • 2019/05/04 16:28:38

Hitachi has announced new series Ex- 7 the third and smallest mining excavator. One of the Ex1200-7 excavators is available in North and South America and then follow Read more...

Mining segment needs One Tax Regime looks at 40 top on powerful rate In India

  • 2019/05/04 11:11:18

Our Country mining part, assaulted by a variety of duties, has requested a 'one tax routine’ in mineral creation along the lines of GST, with the successful tax assessment rate topped at 40 percent.

The mineral division in India is the most exhaus Read more...

Caterpillar Use first electric underground wheel Loader at R1700 XE

  • 2019/05/02 15:53:58

In Us Construction company has unveiled of its first electric underground loader, which have powered by lithium ion batteries and its charge itself while they moving.


Grove Lunched New Model GMK5250XL-1, GMK3050-2, GMK3060L All-Terrain Cranes

  • 2019/04/26 16:19:06

Grove Company launched new model difference between the five- axle category and three axle category models. Global product director increase all terrain cranes at Manitowoc, also lu Read more...

Upcoming Mega Projects in India

  • 2019/04/18 17:04:13

Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet train corridor

Mumbai Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor is a high speed rail line construction start in Jan 2019 with acquisition of the land for the Sabarmati ter Read more...

5 Ways to Reduce the Material Handling Costs

  • 2019/04/18 16:22:16

The Material Handling equipments have consumed vast amounts of money. Obviously it is machine price high so its equipments material expense also high. Space management and damage prevention are used minimize the losses from the budget. Here we have to explain 5 ways using reduce cost to the material handling.


Tata Motors domestic deals growth record at 16 percent in FY 19

  • 2019/04/13 17:30:34

The Tata Motors Company are sale growth at Commercial and Passenger Vehicles Business in the domestic market at April 2018 - March 2019, developed by 16% with 678,486 units when contrasted with 586,507 units over a similar period Last year. In March 2019, the Company saw its business drop by 1% to 68,709 units as against 69,409 units so Read more...

Dynapac Established New Production Plant in India

  • 2019/04/13 16:44:51

Dynapac Company was first manufacture of soil compactor at 2008 in India. It was expanded with the full range of soil compactor and asphalt roller support market in India and export market.

With a time of experience in manufacturing in India, the Read more...

Largest Trade Fair Bauma 2019 Munich Machine Launching

  • 2019/04/09 18:30:03

Caterpillar's subject at Bauma 2019 will be "Revise the Rules" and the organization will show 64 machines, 20 of them new Read more...

Indian monster Larsen and Toubro puts on the resources planning for troublesome future

  • 2019/04/02 16:24:59

In Indian Construction giant Larsen and Toubro (L&T) company has declared a next generation initiative in an offer to reinforce its certifications in zones, for example, the web of things (IoT), man-made consciousness (AI), and expanded reality.


Hydraulic crane and crawler crane what is the difference

  • 2019/04/02 12:27:59

Hydraulic crane and Crawler Crane both are the used at construction site hosting and lifting heavy objects. Both types of the crane are lifting heavy duty, loads, and cargoes with the one place to another place. These types of crane are same parts, such as tracks, engine, cab, jib, control area for an operator. Read more...

NCRTC fast tracked at an investment of Rs24,975 cr On rail corridor

  • 2019/04/01 17:31:03

SNB (Shahjahanpur-Neemrana-Behror Urban Complex) are 106-km long Delhi-Gurugram quick rail travel corridor, which got from the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) Board at the year ago and after that from Haryana Read more...

Top 10 backhoe loader manufacturer in India

  • 2020/06/07 10:25:36

A name of backhoe loader name also known as loader backhoe. Backhoe Loader is an actually interesting invention because i Read more...

JCB to contribute Rs 650 cr to open new plant in Gujarat

  • 2020/04/17 21:49:25

JCB Company invested Rs 650 crores of manufacture construction equi Read more...

Top 10 Excavators manufacturer in India

  • 2020/06/14 11:54:54

In India many excavator brand available in the market it’s difficult to choose which one is the better & value for money. We have listed the excavator according there branding, facilities, services, Spare parts availability in India. In India you will find the international standard best excavator.  


Volvo Construction Equipment goes to electric machines

  • 2019/03/25 10:12:21

Volvo Construction Equipment founded 1832 in Sweden. It is a subsidiary and business area of the Volvo group. Volvo CE one of the major construction equipment industry and wide range of products including of Wheel Loader, Hydraulic Excavator, Motor Grader, Soil Compactor, haulers, Tipper, Pavers etc. Volvo CE has worldwide production plant in USA, Brazil, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, India, China, Russia and Korea. Our products and services are offered in Read more...

Mesto Company has invested more than Rs 800 crore in India

  • 2019/03/22 17:34:14

Mesto Corporation has founded 1999 in finland. The company headquarters located in Helsinki city of finland. The company provides world class technology and services for mining, infrastructure, oil, gas, metal and waste recycling and other industries.


Volvo Appoint to Scott Young as the VP of Uptime in North and Latin America

  • 2019/03/19 17:26:05

The Volvo CE was appointed Scott Young as VP of uptime and customer support for sales region in Americas. The arrangement is winds up effective June 1, however the change to the new position as of now started.


Rajnath Singh CAPFs Infrastructure Project dispatches At Rs 1,900 crore

  • 2019/03/18 17:51:28

The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was dispatches on 6 march, Wednesday at work on 28  maximum infrastructure work of the police force at central armed force and other organizations costing nearly Rs 1900 crore and spread over 17 states.Read more...

Construction Industry Uses World Top 10 Technologies in 2019

  • 2019/03/16 11:01:12

In 2019, World's top technologies in new trades are drones to 3D printing to self Read more...

3D Printing technology and the construction industry, How the technology transforming the sector

  • 2019/03/15 18:02:22

In 2013 the 3D printing industry was worth $3bn, up from $7bn in 2017 and by 2025 it is expected for over $20bn in world wide. 

3D pri

Recently ACE Introduced NX series Multi Purpose Crane

  • 2019/03/22 17:04:09

A

Technology Can Help Constructions Equipment Rental Professionals

  • 2019/03/24 19:48:02

In ubiquity of mobile devices is more cheap and powerful cloud computing system and IOT with put robust technolgy, including development specialists and rental experts.


Amit Kakkar has to be newly joined as managing director of CNH industrial capital in India

  • 2019/03/13 15:34:14

Mr. Amit Kakkar is one Of the Prominent Names in this Business. He is Establishing Financial Servicers provides more than 17 years experience. These is includes Services like Mutual Fund Investments, Investment Advisory, Sales Tax Consultants, Service Tax Consultants, Income Tax Consultants which have to  Well-Plan Achieve the Customers Satis Read more...

Global crane industry analysis and market report from 2019 to 2025

  • 2019/03/11 17:54:31

The Asia Pacific tower crane showcase estimate is relied upon to observe a quick extension and develop at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2019 to 2025 attributable to the few continuous and up and coming foundations, business, and private tasks in China, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and so on.


JCB 3dx Backhoe Loader Expert Review

  • 2020/05/16 12:06:06

More than 70 years and feedback from over 6, 00,000 customers has led JCB to provide the world best backhoe loader range. JCB machine main purpose of the co Read more...

Komatsu PC71 Mini Excavator Price, Specification Reviews

  • 2020/05/22 17:20:32

Komatsu marketed & serviced by L&T Construction Equipment headquarter in Bengaluru.Today we discus about mini excavator PC71 is a tracked or wheeled vehicle Read more...

China Construction Industry Growth According to Global Data

  • 2019/03/07 11:35:34

Now a day’s global data says china’s construction industry work on double digit growths. That industry’s expansion was increase to remain on a general Read more...

Modi was announced 2019-2022 as Construction Technology Year

  • 2019/03/05 15:49:28

NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi was announced 'April 2019-March 2020' as Construction-Technology year and worried on utilization of advanced technology to fulfi Read more...

Coal India restart mines to increase production capacity and enhance local jobs

  • 2019/03/05 15:52:12

The Coal India Kolkata Company decided NSE at 1.64% has to revive various mines that were shut before because of security or feasibility issues. Read more...

Heavy Construction Equipment Market Forecast 2024

  • 2019/03/01 11:15:08

The modern research report was distributed on Construction equipment Crane Market – Growth Drivers, Challenges Ahead, Industry Insights, Supply, Revenue A Read more...

Falcon Brick Start Many Project in Construction Industry

  • 2019/02/27 18:15:39

KOCHI: With an intend to enable developers to quicken their projects and complete them prior, spare expense and give much better quality than Read more...

Mahindra Company launches 101st dealership in Autonagar Andhra Pradesh

  • 2019/03/01 15:15:34

Mahindra's Truck and Bus Division was launched its Furio, a middle of the road business vehicle amid the introduction of its 101st dealership with CMR Automotives at Autonagar in Gaju Read more...

CASE Construction Equipment Opening New Centre in Patna

  • 2019/02/23 15:30:22

CASE Construction Equipments, a brand of CNH Industrial has fortified its dissemination organize in Bihar Read more...

The Infrastructure Leasing Financial Services ILFS debts slow down construction equipment market.

  • 2019/03/01 15:22:55

Construction equipment sales hit after the IL&FS & NBFC liquidity crisis. “Said by construction equipment makers”. Construction equipment sector prior to crisis growing at the pace of 20%.Read more...


  • 2019/01/05 11:28:54


1. Essel Mining

Essel Mining and Industries Limited (EMIL) is one of the parts the Aditya Birla Group. It is anchored by a phenomenal power of more than 120,000 employees, having a place with 42 nationalities. The Group has been positioned Number 4 in the Global 'Top Companies for Leaders' overview and positioned Number 1 in Asia Pacific for 2011.< Read more...

List of Mining Companies in India

  • 2018/12/14 10:48:51


We will give you the brief of the private & government mining companies in India. Some of the companies are t Read more...

Types of construction equipment and their uses

  • 2020/05/06 21:45:36

Construction equipment classified on the basis of its application (uses). Its categories into three parts. As we know construction equipment is one of the key partner in making an infrastructure build up without construction equipment Read more...

New trends and growth in construction technology

  • 2018/11/30 10:36:15

Next 5 years construction industry has been rapidly grow at 8-15% according CAGR. 2019 is expected to be a breakthrough year of the construction industry. 

01 Project Management Software & Data Ecosystem

Real-time project management is improving and optimizing to function as the digital backbone for construction industry. its provide transparency,accountability and efficiency in construction. 96% of Read more...

Excavator Parts Diagram

  • 2018/11/27 12:21:16

Excavator Parts Diagram

Modern Excavator come in wide variety  of sizes. The smaller ones are called mini excavator or compact excavator. mini excavator wight 930 kg to 13 ton.above 13 ton to 21 ton called medium size excavator. above 21 ton call shovel excavator used in mining project. Excavator are two main sections undercarriage & house.undercarriage includes track, final drive, tracks fra Read more...

List of Excavator Manufacturer In India

  • 2018/11/27 11:25:14

List of Excavator Manufacturer In India

<

GST on Second Hand Heavy Construction Equipment

  • 2018/05/18 17:34:02

 Normally, GST is charged on the transaction value of the products. However, In respect of 2nd hand product, a person has to pay tax on the margin of the products. i.e The comparison between at which t Read more...

Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery

  • 2018/02/05 18:03:45

Tata Hitachi Construction Equipments History

Tata Hitachi Construction Equipments has one of the Private Limited Company, they Leads to Construction Equipment in India. The construction equipments started first 955 excavators in year 1961. Tata Hitachi is focusing opportunity of the domestic area for which the key market segments are excavat Read more...

Volvo Construction Equipments

  • 2018/10/16 11:36:51

Volvo Construction Equipments

Volvo Construction Equipments Company started at before 180 years in year 1832. In the mid-1800s, three men established the framework for Volvo Construction Equipment: Johan Theofron Munktell and the brothers Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder. In year 1906, Munktell’s begun to assemble construction equipments and Read more...

EXCON 2017 Venue, Dates, Exhibitor list, Floor Plan, Bangalore India

  • 2018/02/05 18:03:33

Excon 2017 One of the Major Event in Construction Equipment Industry in Banglore, India

EXCON is the largest Event for Construction Equipment Industry. In EXCON fair almost all Indian Small & Big companies participate to get business & increase brand awareness. EXCON provides the platform to all construction Equipment manufacturer to directl Read more...

Komatsu Construction Equipment In India

  • 2018/04/04 11:40:25

Komatsu Construction Equipment in India

The First set up contact office in Kolkata to help its operational India in year 1965. Komatsu went into an innovation exchange concurrence with a government organization and continuously presented wide range of construction machines, manufactured with working together organization and that year at 1969 Komatsu Company shifted office to Bangalore. The approvable distributed in India to market and supported in Read more...

JCB Company History

  • 2018/02/05 18:03:27

JCB Company History

The JCB Company initials start up with one man Mr. Joseph Cyril Bamford. He develop first tipping trailer welding set at 1945. That time only 6 people working for that company, his people made a first hydraulic tipping trailer machine at whole Europe in 1948. In 1953, First Machine to be stamped with the JCB logo on backh Read more...

The Caterpillar Company Begins

  • 2019/03/30 17:56:17

The Caterpillar Company Begins

The Caterpillar Company was originally formed at 1925 merge manufacturing company and C. L. Best tractor company, that year first product consist of five tractor. In the early 1900s, seeking for a way to improve the mobility and traction of his company’s steam tractors, Benjamin Holt replaced the wheels with Read more...

List Of Construction Equipment Finance Companies In India

  • 2020/05/06 16:40:31

Top Construction Equipment & Commercial Vehicle Finance Company


GST Impact On Heavy Construction Equipment Industry

  • 2019/04/02 12:20:46

Ohh! Finally, 40 Years back long decision finally going to Implement India. Might be when you read it get Implemented but you might not know the exact Impact on you or to your Construction Equipment Industry.

Heavy Equipment Industry includes


Simple Formula Construction Equipment Should Buy Or Hire

  • 2018/04/12 12:37:57

In many cases Construction equipment hire Company get Confused  in certain stage companies have both buy and hire options. But decision should not be only depended on the Costing factor.

1. Current financial Situation.

2. Cost of ownership Vs. C

TATA Prima 3123 Vs Mahindra Blazo 31 Tipper

  • 2019/03/30 17:42:43

TATA Prima LX Range

Tata Motor Launch of new heavy duty Prima LX range trucks & tipper of heavy commercial vehicle. Tata motor used world class technology in new range of prima tippers Italian cab design, engine technology from the Europe and USA. Gearbox technical expertise from Germany, sheet metal combine with Japan and Korea, Chassis form Mexico. Prima LX in the cargo Read more...

Caterpillar Inc. Acquires Construction Equipment Rental Company Yard Club

  • 2018/02/05 18:05:25

Caterpillar Buy San Francisco base peer to peer equipment Rental Company Yard Club. Yard Club startup Founded in 2013 by CEO Colin Evran. According to the company 2500 construction contractors manage over $120 Million in equipment transactions across United States and Canada in 2016.

Construction Equipment Giant Caterpillar Invest Yard Club in 2015 Read more...

List of Construction Equipment Manufacturer

  • 2018/02/05 18:05:21

  • Caterpillar INC (U.S): – Company Founded in the year of 1925 at California U.S. Caterpillar headquarters Peoria, Illinois, United States. Cat Equipment consisting of more than 300 machines in Worldwide with strong dealer network.
  • Caterpillar Products : – Backhoe Loader, Mini Excavator, Tele Read more...

How IT Automation Will Help Out Construction Equipment Industry

  • 2018/11/06 16:19:13

In 21st Century, IT seen as a tool which help out companies to do more efficient and effective work. However many studies raised the question whether the benefits outweigh the investments. The issue is more serious in the Construction equipment industry. Where the factors limit the performance because of ineffective use of IT infrastructure, Maintenance inadequacies and less than positive staff perception concerning IT implementations by mana Read more...

Infra Sector Positive Growth Rate In Road Construction Equipment In 2017

  • 2018/02/05 18:05:13

Backhoe Loader and Excavator Most Desirable Product Line in Construction Machinery. India’s leading Earthmoving and Construction Equipment Manufacturing Company TATA Hitachi in Excavator and JCB India in Backhoe Loader.

Last three year infra sector slowdown due to unavailability of Funds by Government budget. The Government Raised the budget for Roads and Highways project from Read more...

Top 10 Infrastructure Companies In India

  • 2018/02/05 18:05:11

1.Larsen & Toubro: –

Larsen & Toubro is an Indian multinational engaged in technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing with over USD 16 billion in revenue. It operates in over 30 countries global. A strong, customer–focused approach and the constant quest for top-elegance first-class have Read more...

How CASE Reach 10,000th Vibratory Soil Compactor Target For The Indian Marketplace

  • 2018/11/06 16:30:26

CASE Construction Equipment, under this brand of CNH Industrial, celebrated a breaking record with the delivery of its 10,000th vibratory Soil compactor for the Indian market, the best organisation to have performed this milestone in India.

CASE compactors are the best in India. They offer unmatched reliability, excessive centrifugal forces, and 360-diploma visibility. They are s Read more...

Agriculture Sector On Fast Improvement Path As Tractor Sales See Highest Growth In March

  • 2018/02/05 18:05:01

If farm gadget sales are any indication of development in agriculture, India has already proven symptoms of a huge revival within the farm sector after a stupid show inside the final numerous months because of climatic as well as economic turbulence. Close on the heels of India’s claim on reaching four per cent boom in agriculture, the latest sales trend emerging from the industry reaffirms that the world is reviving quicker and quicker.Read more...

Common Factors Affecting Selection Of Equipment

  • 2018/02/05 18:04:58

Every Equipment has certain factors those are in common and which are taken into consideration while selecting equipment. They are listed as follows-

Scope of work to be carried out- since the first concern is getting the job done, the time frame within which the work is required to be carried out, the specification of work and the methodology adopted will be of Read more...

Regulate Import Of Used Equipment: ICEMA

  • 2018/02/05 18:04:56

ICEMA to submit report on the new Test and Certification Centre by March next The Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (ICEMA) has urged the Centre to regulate the import of second-hand equipment to protect the domestic sector.

Anand Sundaresan Words

Talking

Marion Manufacturing Merges With Illinois Company

  • 2018/02/05 18:04:53

A West Terre Haute-based manufacturer is expanding, forming a new partnership with a similar business in Illinois. Marion Manufacturing announced it’s merging with Morton Machining, which is near Peoria. This is the company’s biggest news since expanding in 2008.

Today, Marion Manufacturing employs 80 people making parts for the heavy equipment, aerospace and military industr Read more...

Powerful Volvo Paving Machines For Demanding Road Construction

  • 2018/04/04 11:41:35

Paving Machine ABG7820B, ABG8820B, Review

Volvo tracked pavers are particularly suitable for paving a wide range of materials from the wearing course right down to the base courses on the most diversified paving contracts.

Paving applicati

Demonetisation Effect On Construction & Road Industry

  • 2018/02/05 18:09:00

Indian Private Sector expects increased growth rate in infrastructure Sector in 2017-2018 after the demonetisation of Indian Currency with special focus on roads and railways said a recent report published by ICRA.

The Union Budget for FY2018 will be presented at a time when the consequences of the withdrawal of the legal tender status for the old currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 (Specified Bank Notes or SBN) from November 9, 2016 onwards continue t Read more...

L&T Bags the New Orders in 2017 in Different Sector

  • 2018/02/05 18:08:53

L&T Bags Orders in 2017 in Different Sector

|Water Treatment | Power Transmission & Distribution |Building & Construction |

| Smart City Project | Road Construction |


Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. Inc launches HiMate App For Equipment

  • 2020/05/17 09:53:08

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. Inc launch real time Tracker Mobile – App

Hyundai Construction equipment Americas launches the Hi-Mate app for their Construction equipment during a media conversation in CONEXPO- CONG/AGG -2017. Hyundai Construction Initially provide the Hi- Mate App at free of cost to the new users & current users, su Read more...

Strategy For Market Penetration To CE Industry

  • 2018/02/05 18:08:32

Machine word itself a Sea word which included many kind but we focus on the heavy equipment that also targeted to Construction, Mining, Agriculture, and Lifting. Randomly in this 4 Industry more than 350 companies are manufacturing their Equipment on their Brand at National & International level but every company have the Read more...

Heavy Equipment Dredger Cost 2.6 Cr Will Clean Gomti River

  • 2018/02/05 18:08:28

The government is all set to finish its ambitious Gomti Riverfront project before its Dec. 2016 deadline. It will help it expedite the work would be the four new giant dredgers (heavy equipment for cleaning river) bought recently by the irrigation department. The dredgers are unique in that they can work both on land and water and can excavate deep seated sludge and solid waste.


Notable Trends In The Construction Equipment Industry

  • 2018/02/05 18:08:21

Increasing imports from China

  • Chinese equipment manufacturer have a strong in some segments like wheel loaders (Market Share -12 Percent), dozers (Market Share- 13 Percent)
  • Chinese equipment tends to be price competitive, thereby putting downward pressure on price of domestic equipment manufacture Read more...

Favorable Policies Are Supporting Sector Growth

  • 2018/02/05 18:08:17


  • The material handling equipment industry is de-licensed and FDI of up to 100 per cent under the automatic route as well as technology collaboration is allowed freely.

Policy initiatives related to infrastructure

  •

No Plans To Extend Manufacturing Base Volvo Commercial Vehicle

  • 2018/02/05 18:08:13

Swedish commercial vehicle giant Volvo will invest Rs 500 crore on expanding production capacities of its Indian facilities in Bengaluru for trucks, buses and construction equipment. The investments to be made over the next five years will give high priority to job creations and skill development. Volvo is also planning to come up with hybrid buses soon, and is looking forward to manufacture them locally.


Vehicle Recalls: Risks Loom For Auto Parts Makers

  • 2018/02/05 18:08:04

With rise in vehicle recalls in India, auto component industry has a lot to worry as there may be impact on the profitability of the companies.

“Growing vehicle recalls may lead to further increase in warrant provisions in the medium to longer term and that could directly affect the profitability of auto ancillaries, rating agency Icra said in a r Read more...

High Demand For Heavy Equipment Mechanics

  • 2018/02/05 18:11:49

High demand for heavy equipment mechanics


John Deere feels impact of energy slowdown in 3Q as construction equipment sales fall 13%.

  • 2018/02/05 18:11:45

After a third quarter that brought more severe decreases in sales and profit, John Deere has cut its forecast for the rest of the year as the company now faces slowed demand for construction equipment alongside an existing farming slump. Deere sales fell 20 percent during the quarter to $7.6 billion while profit dropped 40 percent to $512 million. For the first nine months of the year, Deere sales have fallen 18 percent to $22 billion while p Read more...

Over 26,000 Ford Truks Recalled For Seat Belt Issue

  • 2018/02/05 10:57:03

Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety compliance recall for approximately 26,400 2011-2013 and 2015 model year F-650 and F-750 vehicles in North America.

Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety compliance recall for approximately 26,400 2011-2013 and 2015 model year F-650 and F-750 vehicles in North America for a safety compliance issue with FMVSS 2 Read more...

Companies feel the pinch from Volvo Grove & JLG

  • 2018/02/05 18:11:41

Small companies in Franklin County are feeling the impact of declining sales of heavy construction equipment.Volvo Construction Equipment in Shippensburg, Grove Crane in Shady Grove and JLG Industries in McConnellsburg — have been feeling the pinch of a slow construction industry.

Layoffs are underway or on the horizon. Together the three original equipment manufacturers employ Read more...

Mining firms to pay 30 per cent royalty on existing mines 10 per cent on new

  • 2018/02/05 18:11:32

Mining firms would have to fork out 30% of royalties on existing mines and 10% of royalties on all new mines to be allotted through auctions, to fund development projects in the districts.

These payout rates are much lower than the maximum permissible rates prescribed in the new mining law — 100% of royalties for existing mines and 33% for new mines.


Liebherr Groups turnover in the 2014 business year reaches a total of 8,823 million

  • 2018/02/05 18:11:28

The international economic situation continued to recover in 2014, though to different extents from one country to another. Global economic growth for the year was 3.4%. At +1.8% compared with the previous year, the dynamism of the developed national economies slightly increased. Economic growth dropped slightly in emerging markets, with growth of 4.6 % in the past year compared with 5.0% in 2013.

Liebherr’s construction machinery and m

Labour ministrys move to cut minimum working days for construction workers to benefit 25 million

  • 2018/02/05 18:11:23

The labour ministry may soon propose to reduce to a third the minimum number of work days a construction worker is required to clock to avail social security benefits under the Building and Other Construction Workers Act.

The measure will be a bonanza for over 25 million building and construction workers in the country, most of whom are part of the unorganised sector. A senior government officer told ET that the ministry is revisiting the Read more...

100000 New Mobile Towers Needed To Stop Call Drops COAI

  • 2018/02/05 18:10:44

Call drops are a growing problem that have been getting steadily worse in the last one to two years. Things have gotten to such a head that on Sunday, the Department of Telecom ordered that telcos must start giving regular action taken reports on call drops. On Monday, a press conference by industry bodies COAI, AUSPI, and TAIPA, was organised to address call drops and mobil Read more...

Indian Industry body to set up separate test centre for construction equipment

  • 2018/02/05 18:10:35

Construction equipment manufacturers are worried about the possible dumping of surplus and used equipment into the domestic market.

With the devaluation of the Chinese currency, there is a possibility that surplus construction equipment from China might be dumped here, according to Anand Sundaresan, President of Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (ICEMA).< Read more...

Construction equipment: Bobcat Company and Doosan to expand West Fargo headquarters

  • 2018/02/05 18:10:29

Bobcat Company and parent organization Doosan have broken ground on a $9.5 million company headquarters expansion in West Fargo, North Dakota. Company officials say the expansion to the existing facility will help accommodate growth, drive innovation and improve operations, which are all key to maintaining global leadership.

The current headquarters — built in 2000 — houses individuals within several departments of business administra Read more...