Types of construction equipment and their uses

  • 2019/03/28 14:57:30
Types of construction equipment and their uses

Construction equipment classified on the basis of its application (uses). Its categories into three parts. As we know construction equipment is one of the key partner in making an infrastructure build up without construction equipment you can’t imagine the infrastructure development.  So we made four categories to understand the type of construction equipment that will make you understand which equipment used in which industry & what are its implications.


First Category: Earth Moving & Construction Equipment:-

This type of machine mainly using in foundations, Municipal Corporation, Building Demolition canal works etc. You can say mostly this equipment used into the earth works or digging purpose.


· Loader – Loader having two categories first one is the backhoe loader another one is the wheel loader. Backhoe loader is the common equipment in earth moving or you can say the basic product of earth moving machine. So the backhoe loader having the loader & digger. Loader does the same work which normal wheel loader does. While backhoe loader having extra thing that is the digger. So you can say backhoe loader is the tractor which assembles with the loader & digger.


· Mini Excavator – Mini excavator very less in used as compare to the standard size of 20 ton capacity excavator so you ask then what capacity excavator you can say the mini excavator. Mini excavator start from 1 ton to 7 ton capacity & also in India very less companies are working in mini excavator. Like Kubota, Tata Hitachi, bobcat, yammer some of these are prominent brand in the mini excavator.


· Excavator – Excavator & mini excavator are doing the same work as mini excavator both having the different capacity. Excavator Scrapers standard  used in 20 ton capacity apart from that you will find it in 35 ton, 40 ton, 45ton, 50 to, 65 ton up to 1200ton capacity you may find the manufacturer are producing the excavator.


· Skids Steer Loader - The rigid frame and strong wheel bearings prevent the torsion forces caused by this dragging motion from damaging the machine. Skid steer loader very less used in earth moving industry or you can say its mix of use in material handling & construction industry because many places user use the backhoe’s loader  or wheel loader on behalf of the skid loader use.


· Wheel loader – As I already state about the wheel loader above. Wheel loader used where customer have continuous work move aside any material. It could be anything asphalt, demotion material, dirt, stone, feed, raw material so as backhoe loader having the multipurpose use same way wheel loader used in different industries. Mining, Construction, Raw Material manufacturer, Crusher plants.


· Soil Compactor – Soil Compactor word define its work. Soil compactor equipment basically used in the road construction or some where you need to compact the land for some any other purpose. Soil compactor is one the main equipment for road construction. You may find the different capacity, brand, Model from many manufacturers. Soil compactor, Tandem Roller, Roller all comes into the same category.


· Paver -    Paver is the normal word, you can say it the asphalt paver. It is used to lay the asphalt on road, bridge, parking, or other such places. In India very less companies are operating in this domain even very fewer companies are offering the paver on rental basis.


· Motor Grader – Motor grader also refer as the road grader. Motor grader used to create the flat surface during the grading process. Motor graders are mainly used in the road, bridge construction. Motor graders having the long blade it help do the plain the land flat surface. Some of the motor grader manufacture is CASE, Komatsu, CAT, Leeboy, ACE, and Volvo with different capacity & model.


· Stone Crusher Plant – As this equipment also clear with its name. Stone crusher plant consist the Vibratory feeder, Jaw crusher, Belt Conveyors, Control System. Stone crusher plant install with the multipurpose use. Many Stone crusher plant specially install for the purpose of the bridge, road, dam construction, many of the crusher plant are just install for the purpose of retail sales.


Material Handling Equipment:-


These are equipment often used in metro Railway projects, Pharma & Drugs industry, Textile industry, Port etc. Mainly Material handling equipment used to transfer material from one place to near around place or loading & unloading the material.

Most common types of lifting equipment include


· Crane – Crane one the most used material equipment used in the industry. Crane is the product that can be under stand by any laymen.  In Crane industry you will find the multiple types of crane & multiple types of crane having multiple uses. Crane comes from 9 to 1250 ton capacity. You may find the floating crane, telescopic crane, harbour crane, crawler crane, all terrain crane, truck mounted crane, rough terrain crane.


· Forklift – Forklift is mainly used in the industrial material movement purpose. Forklift used to transfer the material in short distance. Forklift if develop by the some of the companies in early 90s. Now you will find the more than 100 manufacturer brand in world. Forklift having capacity from 2 to 12 ton. 2 ton, 3 Ton, 5 Ton forklift is one of the standard products in market.


· Pick & Carry/Hydra – Pick & Carry or Hydra it’s mainly used & manufacturer in India & in India it’s is the most common material handling equipment from 8 ton to 20 ton material handling. Pick & carry also the cost you low as compare to crane. Crane costing is more as compare to hydra & pick & carry. So many other countries user is importing the pick & carry from the Indian Market. Two main manufactures are there in Indian market. First – ACE construction equipment limited, another escort construction limited.


· Hoist – One the most used product in the industrial purpose. It used very specific location movement only. Hoist can operated manually, electric or pneumatically. Hoist make with use of motor & fibre rope, chain or wire rope. You will find many manufactures in hoist industry local as well as the national brand.


· Conveyor System – Conveyor system used in material handling purpose in industrial corridor.  Where industrial manufacture used mechanical way from one place to another place in their factory premises itself.   Conveyor system made with one of the prominent features is belt.

Mining Equipment:-


Mining Equipment is that equipment used in coal mining, stone mining, gypsum mining, surface mining, and underground mining.


· Wheel Loader – wheel loader as already stated that its used at many places for material movement just difference is that in mining bigger wheel loader used as compare to construction one. Some of the most used are       CAT 998, 994K CAT Loader, 2350 wheel loader.


· Dumper Truck – Dump truck also called the tipper truck it used from transport lose material from one place to another. Types of dump truck –standard dump truck, semi trailer dump truck, side dump truck, double & triple dump truck, transfer dump truck. Some of the major market shareholding company are Komatsu, CAT, and Volvo.


· Surface Miner – Surface miner used for the strip mining, open bit mining, mountain top mining, in this kind of mining process mineral is removed through shafts or tunnels. One brand in surface mining equipment is Wirtgen surface miner.


· Coal CrusherCoal crusher is plant with high rotation hammer to break the coal into the small pieces. Coal crusher plant generally manufacturer by the local manufacturer you will find the very less manufacture in branded.


o   Primary crusher plant

o   Tertiary crusher plant

o   Jaw crusher plant

o   Dodge crusher plant


Are some of these above types of crusher plant you will easily find in the market? One the brand in crusher plant is puzzolana crusher, mesto, terex.

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