Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer in India

  • 2020/04/22 17:29:26
Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer in India

Self Loading Concrete Mixer (SLM) are the unique machine designed to batch, Mix and transport concrete. By name itself clearly says that the self loading concrete mixer means mixer which its own mix the concrete. This concrete equipment is recently get develope it not an old product like backhoe, grader and excavator.

you might find the many manufacturers are available in the market but difficult to decide the which one to choose. We will help you to how to get the exact your need get fulfil particular for self loading mixer.

Points to be noted before purchase best Mixer

  • First, Product Quality
  • Product Availability in Market
  • Service Engineer Availability
  • Spare Parts Availability
  • Resale Value

It does not necessary highest sale product is always good but yes highest sale product resale value is good. it’s totally depend upon you. Exactly how long you were going to use it. We will deeply make you understand which manufacturer product has pros cons.

So let start with some of the standard manufacturer available in the India market.

1. Ajax

Ajax Engineering is one the pioneering in launching the self loading concrete mixer and undoubtedly company benefited also. At starting company launch the SLM loading with Fiori. Fiori is the manufacturing leader in italy for self loading mixer. Nowadays Ajax manufacturing the Ajax Concrete Mixers, Concrete pump, Transit mixer, Batching plants, Dumper.

Ajax Engineering corporate office is in Bangalore and there production plant is in Doddaballapur and Gowribidanur in the outskirts of Bangalore. Company till produce more 17000+ equipment.


  • Company having a good after sale and services
  • Good resale vale
  • Spare parts easily available in market
  • Good dealer connectivity.


  • After fiori leave ajax spare parts quality degarde.
  • Spare parts are costly.
Ajax Self Loading Mixer
Ajax Self loading Mixer

Ajax Fiori Models and Price

AGRO 2000 (2 Cu.m)32,50,000 INR (Including GST )
AGRO 4000 (4 Cu.m)39,50,000 INR (Including GST )
Ajax Concrete Mixer Price

2. Schwing Stetter

Schwing stetter India is incorporated in 1998 and 100% subsidiary of the Schwing Groups of Companies GmbH, Germany. Company is the pioneer in concrete construction equipment business. Some of the beaking product company launches such as the CP30 batching plant, SP8800 Concrete pump and 10 Cub. Truck Mixer in the market.

Schwing Stetter received many awards for their contribution in concrete industry. XCMG China has done partnership with Schwing stetter for expansion of non concrete equipment in India market. Recently company launched the XCMG Excavator in Indian market. Let’s move to the mixer. Company provide the 2 variant mixer. SLM 2200 and SLM 4000.


  • Matser into the concrete business
  • Good quality product
  • Average resale value
  • Standard Spare parts used in product
  • Slewing drum available (optional)


  • Spare parts even costlier than the Ajax mixer.
  • No dealer network. Company staff serve customer so customer face many problem because in India dealer networking is the best for customer service.
  • Price are even higher then Ajax.

Schwing Stetter Mixer Price & Model

SLM 4000 (4 Cu.m)42,25,000 INR (including GST)
SLM 2200 (2 Cu.m)35,65,000 INR (inculding GST)
Schwing Stetter Loading Mixer Price
Schwing Stetter Images
Schwing Stetter Image

3. Bull Machine (VMP Concrete Equipments)

Bull machine one of the reputed Indian construction equipment manufacturer. Company manufacturer Backhoe, Loader, Mixer, Tractor attachment and they are leading in tractor attachment segment.

Bull India (VMP Concrete Equipments just a sister concern company) started manufacturing of Self loading Mixer. They are new player into the mixer segment though the product they manufacturer will not be behind to any leading other mixer brand.  

Company used renowned brands spare parts in their product. Its spare parts can be easily available with dealer. Company has 48 dealers in all over India.  


  • Quality Product
  • 35 % lower cost spare part then Ajax and almost all spare are the same used in Ajax
  • Good dealer network
  • Easily available spare parts
  • Easily Service Engineer Available
  • Good Company response


  • As new product resale value will not be there for product.

VMP Concrete Mixer Price and Model

VMP 4000 (4 Cu.m)32,50,000 (including GST)
Bull Self Loading Concrete Mixer

There still another local brand concrete mixer available in the market few are the below.

  • Apollo Carmix
  • Venus


Before buy need to check at your level understand more about Machine. If you more brand centric then you can go for then Ajax brand because it resale value is good, but spare are costlier than Bull machine. Bull machine can be a good choice if you are not brand centric. Than buy bull its product price also lower then ajax and spare parts also cheaper with quality of product.

Your views are welcome in Comment box.

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