Used Dumper Tipper for sale

Finding the Used Dumper Tipper is not an easy task also, that should be fitted into your requirement according to size, brand, model, price, specification. Buy or sale used Dumper Tipper not an easy as like other commercial vehicle or car. It need the very precise knowledge to judge the condition of Dumper Tipper so apart from Dumper Tipper you need search the specialize mechanic who can give your accurate brief about the machine. How much it cost to run after purchasing the Dumper Tipper that includes the transportation, name transfer, basic maintenance, insurance cost. Heavy Equipments gives you the brief all about the related to your Dumper Tipper.

Leading dumper tipper

Dumper is a normally used for the truck having the dump body. The main function of the dump truck is transport the heavy material at one place to another as a sand, rocks, gravels and rumbles. Dumper also known is tipper truck, dumper truck, and hyva.

There are two categories of the large dump trucks as on road dump truck and off road dump truck. On road dump trucks normally used road travels and quite the long distance. They have to carries the weight 6 wheels, 10 wheels and 12 wheels easily. Off Road Dump truck is specific sites used as articulated trucks, mining, and belly dumpers.

TATA Tipper

TATA motor is the first largest commercial vehicle company in India. It work best on trucks, tippers, pick-ups and light commercial vehicle. Tata motor some best truck is tata prima, tata signa, tata tipper truck most powerful and reliable products and in these products one of the tata prima is the best truck in the world and for the Indian transporter.

Some of the model Tata Dump Truck: LPK 2518, Lx 3130, LPK 2523, 2516

Ashok Leyland dumper

Ashok Leyland is India automobile company in Chennai. It is own by the hinduja group at founded 1948.  Ashok Leyland is the second largest commercial vehicle company in India. Ashok Leyland dumper has heavy chassis, so its work capacity is good. It has powerful engine, which have good torque.

Most Used Ashok Leyland Dumper: 1618, 2518HD, 3118HD, 3718, 2518

AMW Dumper  

AMW tippers are appropriate for the harsh and tumble of mining and quarrying activities, just as for conveying bulk of loads in construction and infrastructure industries. Complete mobility, long haul perseverance is regular to all trucks, bringing about lower working expenses.

The trucks are fitted with Euro III engine that convey 180/235-280 HP and 1100 most extreme torque. Rock solid twofold acting safeguards and basic power controlling with twofold UJ guarantee a smooth and stable ride. The extensive, AC loaded a first in India gives complete driving comfort and satisfaction. Asia Motor works products are produce for construction, highways, and mining and other heavy duty applications. AMW truck, tractor normally used for the long journey.

AMW Some best tipper Trucks are: 1618 TP, 2518 TP, 2523 TP, 2528 TP, 3118TP

BharatBenz dumper

The BharatBenz tipper provides high class Mercedes-Benz platform, and it’s give a high peak torque even at low RPM. Bharatbenz tipper engine designed for high efficiency and longer life.

Bharatbenz dumper has high power weight ratio with the good grade ability, enabling easy navigation in hilly terrains.

Bharatbenz Dump trucks are: 1217C, 1623C, 2523C, 2528C, 3128C


The Scania Company was Launched new tipper in India. The P 440 8x4 Scania tipper body has to designed for mining application. In India mining sector are very tough ares work for vehicles, so that under the situation demanding that type tipper launched.

They constructed U Shape Body tipper truck, by that highly payload dump. That company truck height at 15 fleet. That depreciation cost per truck was reducing and fewer trucks used in mining sites.

Some Scania Dumper/Tipper Truck models: P440, P410

Volvo Dumper

Volvo dumper is one of the leading dump truck in India. We don't think that company of person in mining business or he has not used the volvo dumper. Everyone has almost used the volvo dumper in India for mining purpose.

Company also made the brand in terms of services and on spot mechanic facility. If you are bulk buyer then company ready to give you site service also.

Volvo brand dumper : FMX 400, FMX 440, FMX 460, FMX 480.

Company upgrading their mining tipper at every time & come with the latest facility, technology and powerful capacity    

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