Used Dozer for sale

Finding the Used Dozer is not an easy task also, that should be fitted into your requirement according to size, brand, model, price, specification. Buy or sale used Dozer not an easy as like other commercial vehicle or car. It need the very precise knowledge to judge the condition of Dozer so apart from Dozer you need search the specialize mechanic who can give your accurate brief about the machine. How much it cost to run after purchasing the Dozer that includes the transportation, name transfer, basic maintenance, insurance cost. Heavy Equipments gives you the brief all about the related to your Dozer.


Dozer another name called is bulldozer. Dozer is a crawler equipment frontend side high metal plate used to push large quantities of soil, rubble, sand material during construction site. The Dozer is actually tractor used but another ways used for landscaping and land. They have more effective, more efficient, and work with variety of environments. It is also used building sites, mines, roads heavy material push on the engineering projects.

Joystick controls are another in addition to of the pressure driven system. Bulldozers can work all capacities from a single hand, including the vast majority of the work devices and travel heading. This not just gives more security to the administrator and those on the worksite, it additionally boosts proficiency by diminishing the time required to accomplish tasks.

A dozer blade consists of a moldboard with replaceable cutting edges and side bits. Either the push arms and tilt cylinders or a C-frame are used to connect the blade to the tractor. Blades vary in size and design based on specific work applications.

Different Types of Bulldozer

The Various type bulldozers have size, weight, and horsepower factors. The specific kind of dozer you need will rely upon whether work requires improved portability and adaptability, or better quality and the capacity than move huge measures of material.

Crawler Dozer

Crawler Dozer is used push heavy materials to one place to another place. They have look like a tractor but don’t have a tires. Crawler dozer another way used for rippers. Ripper is connected on the frontend side and breaking up to crushing surface. And large plate is used to move higher weight materials.

Wheel Dozer

One More dozer is wheel dozer. These are bigger compare to crawler and most used in construction site. They are incredibly productive and offer huge advantages as far as their performance, while their vast, substantial tires take into account expanded usefulness.

The key qualification among crawlers and wheel dozers is that the last can move and guide on a significantly littler hub. This makes wheel dozers increasingly flexibility. A wheeled dozer likewise has the advantage of totally enunciated hydraulic steering, which makes it simple to work and adaptable to deal with.

Brands of Bulldozer

Earth moving equipments have made some amazing progress in a brief span. Main leading brands like Caterpillar, BEML, and Komatsu make bulldozers intended for a wide assortment of workplaces. While present day connections merit a lot of credit for a dozer's effectiveness and efficiency, they would all be to no end without current hydrodynamics task and a couple other essential advantages extraordinary to this sort of construction machinery.

Models of Bulldozer

Numbers of heavy construction equipments company manufacture dozer for farm, mining site bring out innovative models work the machines. Here most popular model used D65, BD65, D80A12, BD155, D7H, D6H, and D155A-6R.

Uses of Bulldozer

Bulldozer is powerful machine in earth used for road building, farming, and construction site. It consist frontend side heavy blade or plate mounted of a tractor. That bulldozer few uses as:

  • Shallow digging and ditching

  • Short-range transportation of material and pushed material.

  • Spreading sand dumped from trucks.

  • Rough grading.

  • Removing trees, stumps, and boulders

  • Cleaning and leveling around loading equipment.

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