Used Motor Grader for sale

Finding the Used Motor Grader is not an easy task also, that should be fitted into your requirement according to size, brand, model, price, specification. Buy or sale used Motor Grader not an easy as like other commercial vehicle or car. It need the very precise knowledge to judge the condition of Motor Grader so apart from Motor Grader you need search the specialize mechanic who can give your accurate brief about the machine. How much it cost to run after purchasing the Motor Grader that includes the transportation, name transfer, basic maintenance, insurance cost. Heavy Equipments gives you the brief all about the related to your Motor Grader.

What is Motor Grader| Classification| Uses of Motor Grader

The Motor Grader is heavy construction equipments for the main function for leveling ground. Generally Motor grader also called road roller, is the construction equipment long blade under his frame. Motor Grader general used for snow removal, paving, precise ground leveling works.

This machine has likewise a scarify alternative which is utilized for scarifying the basic layer and afterward evacuation of that layer with the assistance of cutting edge. After that another layer is made by spreading some other soil or that scarify soil once more. The Motor graders are arranged based on casing structure. Depending upon frame arrangement motor grader is classified are:

  • Rigid frame motor grader

  • Articulated frame motor grader

The Rigid Frame Motor Grader has one axle system. Axle is unable to move left or right giving the point. But another articulated frame motor grader has a hinge of the front and rear axle. Those type graders are used in small space area.

Motor Grader one of the construction equipment, that are used for smooth well, wide-ranging, and level surface. Most of the motor grader used for maintained of road. It spread the soil and afterward straightens that soil. Before the asphalt of black-top layer motor graders are utilized for consistently level surface so black-top disseminate consistently all through the surface.

Top Motor Grader Brand

Self-moved engine graders, similar to the John Deere grader, have made some amazing progress since their introduction to the world in 1919. Throughout the most recent 100 years, these driving brands have refined and improved their graders to move toward becoming goliaths in the construction sites.

Some of the top brands with their benefits:

Caterpillar grader

Cat is one of the construction equipment company. They have been in the game the longest brands, since 1928 fact. Caterpillar motor grader continuously reputation maintained for the all over world. It is good controls advance electronics system, hydraulic system and optimizes productivity.

Most popular caterpillar Grader Model: 120k2, 120K, 140K, 160K

Komatsu Grader

Komatsu is the second largest construction equipments in the world. It is Japanese multinational company. They introduced first graders in 1960s. Motor grader blade is skillfully, completed slope and dig a ditch. This is Grader torque converter mode high- load applications, so we can work without delay. It has advance hydraulic system so excelled blade pressure, movements and ground level refueling faster.

Komatsu Motor Grader Model is: GD 655, GD 655, GD 555, GD 535

John Deere Grader

The John Deere Grader dominated for agriculture market, they also used in heavy construction equipments marketplace. In 1967, john Deere manufactures first motor grader. The first JD-570 motor grader launched for articulated frame. John Deere grader automatically control blade has to be improving productivity and work done faster. That grader technology easy for optimize machine, uptime and jobsites.

John Deere Motor Grader Model: 620G, 670G, 770G, 870G, 872G

Uses of Motor Grader

  • Equal Level for soil uniformly thought the surface.

  • Trenching.

  • Mixing two materials.

  • Moving earth material one place to another place.

  • It is also used for snow removing the surface.

  • Land grading

  • Cutting for bank canals.

  • Ditching

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