Powerful Volvo Paving Machines For Demanding Road Construction

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  • 2018/04/04 11:41:35
Powerful Volvo Paving Machines For Demanding Road Construction

Paving Machine ABG7820B, ABG8820B, Review

Volvo tracked pavers are particularly suitable for paving a wide range of materials from the wearing course right down to the base courses on the most diversified paving contracts.

Paving applications

  •     Municipal roads
  •     Main roads and highways
  •     Airfield construction
  •     Waste storage areas
  •     Asphalt dam and dyke construction (parallel or vertical to the crown)
  •     Railway track construction* (rigid carriageways only with high density screeds)

Smart Power

Most applications do not require the high output capacity of the engines. In such Cases, the driver can select the Smart Power mode on the EPM control unit. This lowers the engine speed resulting lower noise emissions and fuel savings of up to 15%.

New fuel consumption indicator

The fuel consumption indicator on the EPM display clearly informs the operator


  •     daily fuel consumption
  •     fuel consumption over a period of days (for example a complete paving project)
  •     current fuel consumption
  •     Remaining working time
  •     the percentage of time utilized for paving in the Smart Power mode

Powerful, eco-friendly Volvo engines.

Both the ABG7820B and ABG8820B are now equipped with Volvo D7 engines. The

COM III /EPA Tier III certified high performance engines provide ample reserve power for all operating conditions even at maximum paving width and under extremely high loads.

  • Perfect view of the paving process.

The comfortable operator’s seat with its elevated sitting position provides a perfect view of the mat thickness scales, the flow of material in the hopper, the paving screed and the auger channel. Optional working lights illuminate the auger channel and are a handy feature during adverse light conditions.

  • Crawler units with high tractive force

Maintenance free crawler units with durable trapezoidal shaped rubber track pads and automatic track tensioners.

  • Road surface scrapers

Road scrapers clear the debris and make a clean and smooth surface for the crawler tracks. They can be quickly and easily raised to the transport position or lowered for paving work.

  • Screed technology

With the ABG high density screeds, Volvo offers an outstanding technology. The Patented combination of double tampers with screed vibration enables the paver to achieve the highest possible degree of compaction so that subsequent roller compaction is significantly reduced. This also benefits the mat’s surface evenness and results in a smooth ride. Both Vario and fixed screed models can be supplied as double or single tamper versions.

Over this Machine provides the high yield to customer against some other competitor machinery.

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