Excavator Parts Diagram

Excavator Parts Diagram

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  • 27/11/2018
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Excavator Parts Diagram

Modern Excavator come in wide variety  of sizes. The smaller ones are called mini excavator or compact excavator. mini excavator wight 930 kg to 13 ton.above 13 ton to 21 ton called medium size excavator. above 21 ton call shovel excavator used in mining project. Excavator are two main sections undercarriage & house.undercarriage includes track, final drive, tracks frame, bottom roller, sprocket etc.house parts includes operator cabin, engine,fuel, hydraulic tank,counter weight, oil tank etc.

1. Bucket

2. Stick

3. Boom

4. Cabin

5. Car Body

6. Engine

7. Control Valve 

8. Hydraulic Pump

9. Swing Motor

10. Under Carriage

Excavator attachment :-  Rock Breaker, Stone Grapple, Long Boom,Wood Grapple, Hydraulic Compactor, Demolition Crusher etc. Hydraulic excavator used many application other than excavation.

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