List of Excavator Manufacturer In India

  • 2018/11/27 11:25:14
List of Excavator Manufacturer In India

List of Excavator Manufacturer In India

  1. Tata Hitachi 
  2. Komatsu 
  3. JCB
  4. VOLVO
  5. Hyundai
  6. CAterpillar (CAT)


Tata Hitachi has been pioneers in mini excavator at India since 1999. TATA Hitachi Excavator Operators feel Like Safer, Comfortable and many more. That Company developed machine for the Indian conditions and meets all local regulations. This Company design machine for requirements of customers, and working under condition in a competitive markets.

The Hydraulic Excavator across more than one-third of the world is made by Hitachi. That Machine strong horsepower, efficient engines, comfortable cabs, advanced hydraulics, tough frames, powerful arm, bucket-digging forces, and accessible inspection points make them a top choice. This machine comes with superior hydraulics and power optimization which leads to a great performance. It is very easily serviceable, proven and reliable and excellent value in the resale market in its class.


Komatsu Excavator is work based on the high quality material. They provide world class manufacturing process and unique casting designs. Komatsu went into a concurrence with Larsen and Toubro to together make world class small and medium size hydraulic excavators at 1998. Then Komatsu Pvt. Ltd Company manufactures six different models as a hydraulic excavators model PC71, PC130, PC200, PC300, PC450. Komatsu excavators create quick process duration, easy multi function movements, exact can developments, and astounding lifting capacities. Excavator Cabs gives lower commotion, a happy with working space and excellent visibility.

The Company is always focused in continuous improvement of the quality of product and services. They have also plan to introduced new product range and various special attachments to the market requirements and establish facilities as Komatsu equipment.

Komatsu Company gives the four type excavator, design based on the operator comfortable and working modes. First is small excavator operating weight is 0-25000 lbs. Second is small excavator operating weight is 25001-70000 lbs. Third Excavator weight is 70001-26000lbs, Last is work on mining area.


In 1952, JCB was born first excavator. That company first crawler excavator in 1964. JCB Followed Excavator is best performance of the heavy excavator with best quality, efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.

JCB ecoMAX Engine in portion of the Excavators like JS120 gives high eco-friendliness and creates high torque at low speeds to suit different job needs, and other is the JCB672 6 barrel 7.2 liter Engine is more gainful. It also ecoMAX innovation works on greater efficiency.


Volvo Construction Equipment Company started since before at 180 years in year 1832.That time to maintained, designed the machines different way. About Machine first they think people safer, more comfortable and more productive. Volvo’s crawler excavator is the definitive digging tool, intended to convey durable execution, quality, power and driving fuel efficiency. Achieve new levels of effectiveness, they depends machine for quarrying, mining, street building, structural designing, general development and that's just the beginning.

The Volvo diesel engine uses common rail direct injection system to deliver lower emissions, superior performance and fuel efficiency. The engine uses precise, high-pressure fuel injectors, turbo charger and inter cooler, and electronic engine controls to optimize machine performance. The hydraulic system, also known as the Integrated work mode control is designed for high-productivity, high-digging capacity, high-maneuvering precision and good fuel economy. Today calculation based, Volvo has 93 service stations in India, 52 warehouses, 139 sales officials and 636 service personnel with 11 dealers. They have just 3 dealers, seven service stations, and four warehouses in 1998.


Hyundai equipment manufacture based on the requirement and application as a street development, mining or some other foundation advancement exercises. A Hyundai Construction company main aim is upgrade innovative product and services. Security at work, condition assurance, worker care and duty to quality would be the key empowering influences to accomplish administration position in India and wind up worldwide assembling, Research and Development center point for development and material dealing with Equipment.


Caterpillar machine Caterpillar had active in India since the 1930s. Now, they connected more than 10,000 people and dealers. Cat machine is one of the top performance equipment. That company own responsibility guaranteed company machine best fuel efficiency, ease operation and durability, latest safety technology used. Caterpillar Financial services Asia pte. Ltd, together with its two dealers Gammco and TIPL, they operated cat machine in India.

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