Strategy For Market Penetration To CE Industry

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  • 2018/02/05 18:08:32
Strategy For Market Penetration To CE Industry

Machine word itself a Sea word which included many kind but we focus on the heavy equipment that also targeted to Construction, Mining, Agriculture, and Lifting. Randomly in this 4 Industry more than 350 companies are manufacturing their Equipment on their Brand at National & International level but every company have their own penetration strategy for cover market share. Yes, we not talk about  how companies are penetrate their business we will discuss about what & how customer think before purchase Brand new or used machine. is online show room for used equipment for Construction, Mining, Agriculture, and Lifting Industry so we deal with majorly all kind of brand in all over India. Listening from diverse customer, diverse kinds of inquiry, from different region, Requirements are generated by customers.

Let’s discuss in point wise so it will be easy for us: – (Mention points are not in ranking wise)

Requirement :

What problem customers are facing? What is solution for that problem? So customer requirement arise with the problem. Then they go for solution what is the best way to tackle this problem so many company who are providing the special kind of solution to their customers they are most favoured companies of their customer. Solution could be any way by selling the new equipment, used Equipment, Servicing of Equipment.

One of Example – If customer looking for the high boom Man Lifter with some extra featured if manufacturer fulfils their requirement which exactly suited to their requirement. They have very good chances of sales conversion.

Technology :

Technology in equipment has two sides. Positive side which leads to cost cutting, time saving, better performance & but many less place you have find that disadvantage of technology specifically in this industry. Every one might think that better technology leads to increase their presence in market share or create a brand if company adopt some advance technology in their equipment. (This matter is considered Specifically Indian Market) it does not mean that Apple, Google, Face book, IBM are technology embedded company & they are growing but their users are techies, Segment are different while in equipment case special construction equipment case in India Drivers & Operators are not tech savvy. When they use motor grader or excavator with full of advance electrical automation system they get confused with system & one wire break keep machine in standing mode & if that equipment running in odd place then it leads to heavy losses of manpower, time, costing and of course customer are not ready to pay for that equipment which create more harassment with more machine costing.

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