Volvo Construction Equipments

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Volvo Construction Equipments

Volvo Construction Equipments

Volvo Construction Equipments Company started at before 180 years in year 1832. In the mid-1800s, three men established the framework for Volvo Construction Equipment: Johan Theofron Munktell and the brothers Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder. In year 1906, Munktell’s begun to assemble construction equipments and the primary piece to be manufactured was a steam-powered road roller. Volvo Company initiated with first wheel loader in history at 1954. Therefore, in 1998 updated new 30 ton wheel loader Volvo L220D impressed with the productivity and low fuel consumption. Volvo Construction was new range of first backhoe loaders design at 2001.

From beginning of the around two centuries ago in machine shop in Eskilstuna has one of the largest construction company in the world, but now a day’s Volvo construction equipments company design and manufacture 150 piece of equipments assemble the world. They are produced on four continents and distributed in more than 200 countries through dealerships and rental outlets.

All built to the Volvo standards of quality, safety, and environmental care. The Volvo Construction Equipment range includes: wheel loaders, compact equipment, wheel mounted and crawler excavators, motor graders, and articulated haulers.

Volvo Construction Equipments Product

Volvo construction equipments views say operation of the future product as carbon neutral, autonomous machinery, building on the energy efficiency and security that always first for company mind.

Volvo’s crawler excavator is the definitive digging tool, intended to convey durable execution, quality, power and driving fuel efficiency. Volvo Wheel Loader is the most versatile machine as the work in quarrying, aggregates, block handling, civil and building construction.

Volvo articulated hauler has made more than other single contender to assemble. Before the 51 years, that models increases in size and sophistication. The first 15 ton capacity of machine built in 1966 can be fitted in to the haul body of the A60H , then leads 55 ton articulated hauler. More than half machine gives the better stability and ground and hydra machine clearance offers high speed stability. Volvo asphalt paver develop high-class paver to over midsized paver equipments, each model has to equipped with high performance features, lower operating costs and productivity.

Volvo Equipments in India

For over three decades, a group of mining contractors have developed and impacted mining industry. They have changed the substance of Indian mining through sheer hard work, careful planning of volvo construction equipments. When the most of the india is accustomed to power outage, and main think is Gujarat is epitomized by maximum generate surplus electricity. They export electricity to other states. Volvo Company contributes more than 45000 hours to mine operation. They always find a fuel efficient machine that was reliable and works well.

Volvo Company has to key focus for knowledge dissemination to the customers on equipment usage. Performances of the dealers are evaluated on a regular basis. We intend to follow the strategy to provide adequate customer support. Equipment availability and customer support would be strengthened by expanding Volvo’s network in India. Today calculation based, Volvo has 93 service stations in India, 52 warehouses, 139 sales officials and 636 service personnel with 11 dealers. They have just 3 dealers, seven service stations, and four warehouses in 1998.

Kind Of EquipmentExcavatorWheel LoaderHauler
P6820C ABG
A40GP5320B ABG
P4370B ABG

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