How IT Automation Will Help Out Construction Equipment Industry

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  • 2018/11/06 16:19:13
How IT Automation Will Help Out Construction Equipment Industry

In 21st Century, IT seen as a tool which help out companies to do more efficient and effective work. However many studies raised the question whether the benefits outweigh the investments. The issue is more serious in the Construction equipment industry. Where the factors limit the performance because of ineffective use of IT infrastructure, Maintenance inadequacies and less than positive staff perception concerning IT implementations by management.

1.How we can tackle the Problem using IT in specific equipment.

  •     Day to day Performance measurement of your equipment
  •     Maintenance costing against the revenue.
  •     Investment against Return.
  •     Fixed cost for your equipment.

2.Which are the systems which help us to track all the above issues?

  •   Software Application
  •   Automation engineering.
  •   Turnkey Solution
  •   Gauge Management system
  •   Daisy Wheel Stamping Software
  •   Automatic pick and pack
  •   Online stock trading
  •   Real Time manufacturing system
  •   GPS Based solution
  •   Supply chain management System
  •   Fleet management and tracking system
  •   Tracking and material management solution for mining sector.
  • 3.How IT Enable equipment can help out us.

Earthmoving Equipment

Provide tipping accountability for tippers in terms of number of tipping for Excavators, Pavers Etc. It can avail data for the usage of a particular tipper on a specific date & time. Get Real time information over a mobile by SMS.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix Concrete Vehicles in can be IT enable in terms if engine fuel usage etc. It can avail data for the usage if individual engines separately for a specific date & time.

Diesel Generator Maintenance

It provides generator’s running hour, in terms of electricity hours, generator hours, amount of fuel in the generator, fuel consuming etc.

Stone Crushers

IY enable crusher will provide data like Crusher’s hours in terms of crusher ON time, Working minutes with load, working minutes without load, Crusher idle minutes.

Mining Logistic solution

Here also it provide the accountability of your unpredictable vehicles in terms of total trips, consumed times, stop details.

Fleet Management System (FMS)

It gives reports like distance travelled, Ignition status, Engine status, Speed band status, fuel report, Summarized report, Activity Report, Area wise distance, Working hours report which helps reduce fuel thefts and vehicle theft, You can monitor the vehicles on Google maps.

These are some IT automation which helps out to construction equipment industry to do better in their work.

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