Used Rock Breaker for sale

Finding the Used Rock Breaker is not an easy task also, that should be fitted into your requirement according to size, brand, model, price, specification. Buy or sale used Rock Breaker not an easy as like other commercial vehicle or car. It need the very precise knowledge to judge the condition of Rock Breaker so apart from Rock Breaker you need search the specialize mechanic who can give your accurate brief about the machine. How much it cost to run after purchasing the Rock Breaker that includes the transportation, name transfer, basic maintenance, insurance cost. Heavy Equipments gives you the brief all about the related to your Rock Breaker.

Buy rock breaker (Hydraulic rock breaker)

Rock breaker percussion hammer fitted in the construction equipment used for demolition work. Generally breaker used for break the big stones into the small pieces. Rock breaker has made the labour work very easy. Earlier labour demolished the stone or any construction site through manual hammer. That take many days and many more man hour.

Breaker also define for different purposes and it name changed by the used like hand used hammer breaker, machine mounted breaker that is called the rock  breaker.

Manufacturer of rock breaker

Many manufacturers are there for rock breaker in India. Some of the manufacturer are just import the breaker with other original breaker manufacturer just placed there brand name and sale in India. In the world maximum road breaker are produced by the china and korea manufacturer.   

Some of brand of breaker in India

  • Fine

  • JCB

  • Rohino

  • Indus

  • Rhinoceros

  • Everdigm

  • Komatsu

  • Hyundai

  • Kobelco

  • TATA hitachi

Apart from these there are many local manufacturer you will find in your locality.

How to buy best rock breaker price?

For get the best price of rock breaker you need to consult with the local manufacturer and branded manufacturer of the rock breaker. There are some supplier are importing and supply it here in local market, take the at least 5 quote from the market that you can easily get due to good competition.

  • Local brand

  • International brand

  • Import material supplier

These are the three person from where you can get the best price.

Most demanded model of breaker in the market

As already we mention the brand manufacturing in India. Now you need to identify the best model or best fitted breaker in your machine. Breaker generally fitted into the construction equipment. Yes you will find the different size breaker for JCB breaker, 210 or 20 Ton capacity excavator breaker, 30 Ton, 50 Ton breaker.

Some running rock breaker model.

  • HM 380

  • Hammer Master JCB

  • HM2180

  • JTHB 350

  • JTHM 210

  • SAGA 120

  • SAGA 200

Are some of these running model of rock breaker in India market.

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