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Finding the Used PTR is not an easy task also, that should be fitted into your requirement according to size, brand, model, price, specification. Buy or sale used PTR not an easy as like other commercial vehicle or car. It need the very precise knowledge to judge the condition of PTR so apart from PTR you need search the specialize mechanic who can give your accurate brief about the machine. How much it cost to run after purchasing the PTR that includes the transportation, name transfer, basic maintenance, insurance cost. Heavy Equipments gives you the brief all about the related to your PTR.

Pneumatic Tyre Roller  (PTR)

First PTR is the roller full form Pneumatic Tyre Roller. This type roller also called roller compactor. The compactor used to Gravel, soil, concrete and asphalt construction roads and foundations. It is also used land filling in agriculture.

Pneumatic rollers are generally utilized for compaction of sub evaluations, bases and bituminous blends. These sorts of compaction gear are reasonable for delicate base materials or layers of free soil and intently grained sands. It is very well may be utilized for compaction of the durable soils with the moisture content of 2-4% underneath as far as possible. It is powerful for bituminous layers where the plan blend has a high substance of fines.

Pneumatic tired roller are used for highways, construction of dams and for both fine grained. It is also used for the smoothening of finishing bitumen layer on highways, roads, streets etc.

This type of roller heavy loaded with four to six closely spaced tyres. This are also called rubber tyred roller. It is Provide uniformly pressure overall the width.

Characteristics of PTR

  • Roller tyre pressure is up to 7 kg/cm2.

  • Roller coverage area is about 80%.

  • The gross weight of the roller is 6 to 10 tonnes, increased with 25 tons by ballasting with steel.

  • The Roller maximum density achieve by 8 passes. The optimum speed roller is 6 to 24 km/h.

  • The depth of compaction will define the weight of roller.

Types according to weights

  • Light weight Roller = 150 mm thickness.

  • Medium weight Roller = 300 mm thickness.

  • Heavy weight Roller = 450 mm thickness.

Types according to tyre

Various types of tires are utilized in the pneumatic roller. Compaction innovation depends upon tire geometry. There is a gap between the tires gave in front and back tires. This gap is loaded up with the development of the tires to accomplish uniform compaction impact and keeps away from tire marks.

Flat Tyre:

Flat tyre is used at a fixed pressure at 0.4 mpa and cause less horizontal development of the molecule than inclining tires. These kind of flat tire have a wide base. It is utilized for surface fixing on bituminous work.

Diagonal Tyre:

Diagonal Tyre and radial tyre is the best tyre for the industrial manufacture with the standard tyres. This is the most durable and different ranging pressure at 0.3 to 0.9 Mpa.

Radial Tyre:

Radial Tyre is used on bituminous work for the pneumatic roller. Front and Back wheel are connected to the various systems, which have shoving various type materials during turning. The radial pattern enables lesser rolling resistance, lesser heat generation; tread stiffness ensuring uniform distribution of the load during compaction.

Popular Brands of PTR Roller

It is manufacture based on the standardized process and machinery. Around the world 455 tires factories. With the over 1 billion tyre manufactured annually. One of tyre are using in PTR roller.

  • IR RTR 250

  • IR PT 240R

  • Sakai TS-200

  • HAMM HP 180

  • Volvo PT125C

  • SANY SPR200C-6

  • Sany SPR260C-6

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