Used Asphalt Plant for sale

Finding the Used Asphalt Plant is not an easy task also, that should be fitted into your requirement according to size, brand, model, price, specification. Buy or sale used Asphalt Plant not an easy as like other commercial vehicle or car. It need the very precise knowledge to judge the condition of Asphalt Plant so apart from Asphalt Plant you need search the specialize mechanic who can give your accurate brief about the machine. How much it cost to run after purchasing the Asphalt Plant that includes the transportation, name transfer, basic maintenance, insurance cost. Heavy Equipments gives you the brief all about the related to your Asphalt Plant.

Asphalt Plant

Asphalt plant is design produced by the hot mix plant. It is utilizes totals, sand, bitumen and filler material from the specific portion to produce HMA also known as asphalt concrete. The fundamental component of a asphalt mixing plant is that it will warm totals and after that blend they with bitumen and other sticky substances to get ready mix plant which is a clearing material.

There are two ways decided, if need stationary mixing plant and mobile plant. If the work on the larger project, that time cannot to preferred moving the location for a periods of time than preferred to stationary plant used. Second is needed to transfer the location, then mobile plant to choose.

Single estimated material or it very well may be mix of different materials of various sizes with a mix of fine and coarse particles with or without expansion of a filler unit.

It is widely used for road construction, highway, and parking lot.

Types of Hot Mix Plant

There are the two types of batch mix plant and drum mix plants. There key difference of the operation type of plant.

Batch Mix Plant

The batching plant process consisting three steps as: Weighting and loading mix components, than mixing, and last discharging of the mixed product. Batching mixing ingredients are loaded in to mixer and mixing duration of the homogeneously distributed mixer.

It is mostly used in the stationary because it is manufacture one hot mix batch plant. Every 40 50 second batch mix plant produces asphalt depending upon type and capacity.

Drum Mix plant

The drum here fills two needs – that of drying and blending. The primary portion of the drum is for heat the aggregates and in the second half blending with bitumen and filler material happens. Since this is a persistent blending plant, a little estimated container for transitory holding the HMA is given. Bitumen is put away in separated tanks and it is included into the second piece of the drum.


  • It’s Unique Design.

  • Efficient operation.

  • Accurate weighing and stable quality.

  • It is designed for low fuel consumption, low noise and easy maintenance.

  • Stringent Environmental regulations on emission standards.

  • PLC and multiple control system.


That Plant mainly used is High construction site, industrial and road construction equipments.

Brands of Asphalt plant

The asphalt plant is one plant that is used for mixing the dry warm aggregate, padding and Asphalt for homogeneous mixture at the required temperature. And it is widely used for the construction of highway, city road and parking lot. Different model based sizes, designed for maximum production capacities to change.

  • Solid DM 45

  • TIL

  • Linnhoff

  • Solmec

  • Vibrant

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