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Graders are commonly used in the construction and maintenance of dirt roads and gravel roads. In the construction of paved roads they are used to prepare the base course to create a wide flat surface for the asphalt to be placed on. Similarly, graders are used for leveling the surface during earthwork is embankments and providing blanket surface before spreading ballast and laying track. Graders are also used to set native soil foundation pads to finish grade prior to the construction of large buildings and for underground mining.

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If you are looking out for the renting out the Motor Grader. This is one of the best places for rental companies as well as the hiring companies. Motor Grader of Caterpillar 140K2 is not an easy task to search for specific work. If you searching theMotor Grader on rent in Kutch,Gujarat then just fill up the contact form. You will get the text message of rental companies contact no. Caterpillar Motor Grader rental price or you may ask to quote (charges) him. Rental Company can provide you per hour basis, per day basis, monthly basis. It is better to always search the Motor Grader near around you that cost you low due to transportation costing.

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