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Concrete Mixers


Ajax Fiori


ARGO 1000

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Madhya Pradesh

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Engine - 32.80KW (45 hp) @ 2300 rpm, Net Vehicle Weight - 3000 kg, Laden Weight - 5400 kg, Water Tank Capacity - 55 ltr, Fuel Tank Capacity - 35 ltr, Bucket Capacity - 35 Ltr.

Concrete Mixers on rent

If you are looking out for the renting out the Concrete Mixers. This is one of the best places for rental companies as well as the hiring companies. Concrete Mixers of Ajax Fiori ARGO 1000 is not an easy task to search for specific work. If you searching theConcrete Mixers on rent in Indore,Madhya Pradesh then just fill up the contact form. You will get the text message of rental companies contact no. Ajax Fiori Concrete Mixers rental price or you may ask to quote (charges) him. Rental Company can provide you per hour basis, per day basis, monthly basis. It is better to always search the Concrete Mixers near around you that cost you low due to transportation costing.

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